Latest 10 Development Applications determined

4088/2019/OWRoad work, Stormwater, Drainage work and Earthworks

Address: 7003 Sunbird Drive, REDBANK PLAINS QLD 4301

4802/2019/MCUMaterial Change of Use - Service/Trades Use - Warehouse Extension

Address: 142 Mica Street, CAROLE PARK QLD 4300

1385/2019/RALReconfiguring a Lot - Two (2) Lots into Twelve (12) Lots

Address: 4 Weedman Street, REDBANK QLD 4301

6421/2019/ODAdvertising Devices - Ten (10) Entry Flags, Three (3) Direction Signs and One (1) Entry Marker

Address: 259-283 Cumner Road, WHITE ROCK QLD 4306

6067/2019/ODCarrying out building work not associated with a material change of use - extension to a single residential in a character zone

Address: 10 Stephenson Street, SADLIERS CROSSING QLD 4305


Address: 16 Noble Place, GOODNA QLD 4300

4126/2019/MCUMaterial Change of Use - Extension to a Special Industry (Asphalt Manufacturing Plant)

Address: 2B Kenneth Street, RIVERVIEW QLD 4303

4565/2019/MCUMaterial Change of Use - Temporary Sales Office (Waterlea Estate)

Address: 7001 Rohl Road, WALLOON QLD 4306


Address: 1382 Warrego Highway, BRASSALL QLD 4305

1940/2019/OWRoad Work, Stormwater, Drainage Work, Earthworks and Landscaping

Address: 28 Essex Street, CHUWAR QLD 4306