Latest 10 Development Applications determined

2811/2018/ODCarrying out building work not associated with a material change of use (Awning)

Address: 49-65 Cobalt Street, CAROLE PARK QLD 4300

4034/2018/MCUMaterial Change of Use - Display Housing (One (1) Dwelling)

Address: 32 Greenwood Village Road, REDBANK PLAINS QLD 4301

4462/2018/MCUMaterial Change of Use - Dual Occupancy

Address: 255 Old Logan Road, CAMIRA QLD 4300

4439/2018/RALReconfiguring a Lot - Two (2) Lots into Two (2) Lots

Address: 58 Stephenson Street, COALFALLS QLD 4305

4498/2018/ODAdvertising Device - LCD Screen

Address: 1 Main Street, SPRINGFIELD CENTRAL QLD 4300

2809/2018/ODCarrying out building work not associated with a material change of use - extension to a single residential in a character zone

Address: 16 Quarry Street, IPSWICH QLD 4305

1558/2018/OWRehabilitation of Linear Open Space and Linear Pathway Streetscaping - Springfield Rise Village 8

Address: 7002 Grande Avenue, SPRING MOUNTAIN QLD 4300

8761/2017/ADPAmendment to Area Development Plan - Retirement Community and Institutional Residence and MCU for Retirement Community (38 Units) and Institutional Residence (204 beds/dwellings) in 2 Stages

Address: 50 Health Care Drive, SPRINGFIELD CENTRAL QLD 4300

4463/2017/MCUBusiness Use (Medical Centre)

Address: 283-285 Henty Drive, REDBANK PLAINS QLD 4301

3480/2018/MCUMaterial Change of Use - Single Residential Dwelling within a Rural A (Agricultural) Zone and within a Development Constraint Overlay (Aircraft Noise)

Address: 309 Ipswich Boonah Road, PURGA QLD 4306