Latest 10 Development Applications determined

7037/2018/MCUMaterial Change of Use – Dual Occupancy (Relative’s Accommodation)

Address: 15-17 Cathy Street, CAMIRA QLD 4300

7433/2018/ODAdvertising Structures - One (1) Wall Sign and One (1) Under Awning Sign

Address: 1 Main Street, SPRINGFIELD CENTRAL QLD 4300

6632/2018/MCUMaterial Change of Use - Service/Trade Use (Storage) and General Industry (Steel Fabrication)

Address: 136 Eagle Street, REDBANK PLAINS QLD 4301

4513/2018/MCUMaterial Change of Use - Community Use (Hospital) and Business Use (Medical Centre)

Address: 59 East Street, IPSWICH QLD 4305

5210/2018/MCUMaterial Change of Use - Community Use (Child Care Centre)

Address: 183-187 Cedar Road, REDBANK PLAINS QLD 4301

6710/2018/MCUMaterial Change of Use - Community Use (Extension to a Place of Worship)

Address: 75 Limestone Street, IPSWICH QLD 4305

6992/2018/OWDECISION READY Road Work, Stormwater Drainage Work and Earthworks for Spring Mountain Village 15

Address: 7001 Sinnathamby Boulevard, SPRING MOUNTAIN QLD 4300

6726/2018/MCUMaterial Change of Use – Service Trades Use (Vehicle Storage)

Address: 62 Creek Street, BUNDAMBA QLD 4304

5958/2018/OWRoadworks and Drainage - Stage 4

Address: 32 Greenwood Village Road, REDBANK PLAINS QLD 4301


Address: 2-10 Henry Street, BRASSALL QLD 4305