Latest 10 Development Applications determined

7461/2017/MCUMaterial Change of Use - Dual Occupancy

Address: 20A Workshops Street, BRASSALL QLD 4305

5918/2017/ODCarrying out building works not associated with a material change of use - Shed affected by a Development Constraints Overlay (Flooding and Urban Catchment Flow Paths)

Address: 2 Tregair Street, NEWTOWN QLD 4305

4677/2017/MCUMaterial Change of Use of Premises (Nine (9) Multiple Residential Units)

Address: 1B Salisbury Road, IPSWICH QLD 4305


Address: 19-25 Tulip Street, YAMANTO QLD 4305

6222/2017/ODAdvertising Device - Estate and Directional Signage (Two (1) internal signs)

Address: 172 Arthur Summervilles Road, KARALEE QLD 4306

8782/2017/MCUMaterial change of use - (single residential in a conservation zone and affected by a development constraint overlay (mining))

Address: 20 Graham Street, BLACKSTONE QLD 4304

7012/2017/ODAdvertising Devices – Wall Sign, Window Signs and Pylon Sign

Address: 4 Brisbane Road, BUNDAMBA QLD 4304

8900/2017/MCUMaterial Change of Use - Single Residential and Auxiliary Dwelling within a Character Zone and affected by a Development Constraint Overlay (Mining)

Address: 34 Hill Street, NORTH IPSWICH QLD 4305

7507/2017/OWRoad work, Stormwater, Earthworks, Signage and Clearing vegetation - Sovereign Pocket Stage 26

Address: 7001 Pisasale Drive, DEEBING HEIGHTS QLD 4306

2896/2017/RALBoundary Realignment - Four (4) lots into four (4) lots

Address: 58 Owens Street, MARBURG QLD 4346