Latest 10 Development Applications determined

8732/2018/ODAdvertising Devices - 11 Wall Signs, One (1) Pylon Sign, One (1) Sky Sign, 18 Projecting Signs & 19 Awning Fascia Signs

Address: 19-27 Junction Road, CHUWAR QLD 4306

9413/2018/ODCarrying out building work not associated with a material change of use - Dwelling and Auxiliary Unit

Address: 36 Arburry Crescent, BRASSALL QLD 4305

6390/2018/MCUMaterial Change of Use - Shopping Centre (Extension) and Recreation Use (Indoor Recreation)

Address: 19-27 Junction Road, CHUWAR QLD 4306


Address: 141 Workshops Street, BRASSALL QLD 4305


Address: 42 Waghorn Street, IPSWICH QLD 4305

8571/2018/RALReconfiguring a lot - one (1) lot into twenty-eight (28) lots and creation of new roads

Address: 123-127 Willow Road, REDBANK PLAINS QLD 4301

7980/2018/ODCarrying out Building Work not Associated with a MCU - Carport in a Character Zone

Address: 14 Alice Street, SILKSTONE QLD 4304

4429/2018/RALReconfiguring a Lot - Reconfiguring One (1) Lot into Twenty Five (25) Lots, plus Detention Basin

Address: 228-230 Jones Road, BELLBIRD PARK QLD 4300

4509/2018/OWRoad Work, Stormwater, Drainage Work and Clearing Vegetation - Aspect Acreage Karalee Stage 5

Address: 172 Arthur Summervilles Road, KARALEE QLD 4306

6519/2018/OWRoad Work, Stormwater, Drainage Work, Earthworks, Landscaping and Signage - Parkwest Estate Stage 2

Address: 7001 Gliderway Street, BUNDAMBA QLD 4304