Latest 10 Development Applications determined

894/2019/RALReconfiguring a Lot - Boundary Realignment

Address: 101 Blackstone Road, SILKSTONE QLD 4304

223/2019/MCUMaterial Change of Use - Dual Occupancy (Relative's Accommodation)

Address: 30 Stanton Cross Drive, KARALEE QLD 4306

8631/2018/CAMaterial Change of Use - Temporary Sales Office Advertising Device - Four (4) Wall Signs

Address: 7001 Karrabin Rosewood Road, ROSEWOOD QLD 4340

432/2019/ODAdvertising Device - One (1) Billboard

Address: 7002 Collingwood Drive, COLLINGWOOD PARK QLD 4301

701/2019/MCUMaterial Change of Use - General Industry (Mechanical works for vehicles used as part of the State Government Connected Vehicle Initiative)

Address: 180-250 Briggs Road, FLINDERS VIEW QLD 4305

5040/2018/RALOne (1) Lot into Seven (7) Lots

Address: 46 Windle Road, BRASSALL QLD 4305

6102/2018/OWRate 3 Streetlighting - Sovereign Pocket Stage 9A

Address: 7001 Rawlings Road, DEEBING HEIGHTS QLD 4306

9717/2018/MCUMaterial Change of Use - Dual Occupancy

Address: 10-12 Boscawan Crescent, BELLBIRD PARK QLD 4300

8870/2018/MCUMaterial Change of Use - Special Industry (Food Processing)

Address: 7001 Robert Smith Street, REDBANK QLD 4301

9061/2018/MCUMaterial Change of Use - Single Residential affected by a Development Constraints Overlay (Flooding)

Address: 14 Farr Street, EAST IPSWICH QLD 4305