The objective of the Ipswich Heritage Program is to identify places of cultural heritage significance within Ipswich and to encourage their conservation for the present community and future generations, including both residents and visitors.

Character Provisions

It is recognised that buildings must be functional to satisfy the requirements of current owners and uses. It is not the intent of the Ipswich City Council to dictate how people in historic buildings should live, or to intrude unnecessarily upon people's privacy. However, any alterations that are intended should be carried out sympathetically so that the heritage value of the existing building and the character of its immediate streetscape and neighbourhood are conserved and enhanced.

Character Place Nomination

We would like to hear from our community about places they think have character and heritage value in the Ipswich local government area. If you think a place is important and you would like to see it protected for our future generations to enjoy we encourage you to visit the ‘Character Place Nomination’ Shape Your Ipswich Page.

What can I do?

  • Click on this link: Character Place Nomination
  • You will be asked to check Schedule 2 Character Places to see if the place is already listed
  • If not you can submit a nomination for consideration by Council.

Restoration of Buildings on the Queensland Heritage Register

If a building is listed under the Queensland Heritage Act 1992, its level of significance will require that the building be restored to the best contemporary conservation practice. This will apply to only a small number of buildings within Ipswich. Owners are notified of the relevant requirements under the Queensland Heritage Act by the Department of Environment and Science.

Restoration of Other Historic Buildings

Work to these buildings need not necessarily conform to the same rigorous standards externally and internally as State listed historic buildings, however they are still worthy of the highest care and attention. Inappropriate work should be avoided and the information contained in the Ipswich Heritage Information Kit should be followed if needless downgrading of the building's heritage value is to be avoided. The Heritage Information Kit is available from the Ipswich Visitor Information Centre or it is available online on the Picture Ipswich website.

Alterations and Extensions

Many building owners will want to extend their building to create extra rooms, update kitchens and bathrooms, or to build garages and carports. Externally, the new work should reflect as far as possible, the style and features of the original building. The placement of extensions, their scale and form should be carefully considered.

Heritage Adviser Service

To assist owners of historic Ipswich buildings, free Heritage Advice is available by appointment. The Heritage Adviser is an experienced conservation architect who provides conservation and architectural advice to owners of historic properties.

The Heritage Adviser normally undertakes visits at the place in question thus maximising convenience to residents and developers. The Heritage Adviser also provides Council with conservation advice on its own buildings and sites and on development proposals affecting heritage listed properties. This service is in many ways the Public Relations flagship of Council's overall approach to heritage awareness promotion. It is a service that provides technical advice and is also a highly effective public relations exercise.

Useful Heritage Links