Request a development meeting

Development proponents are encouraged to discuss their intentions with Council prior to lodgement, especially for more complex applications.

To request a pre-lodgement meeting, please contact us or complete an online request form below.

Note: Generally a planning development approval is required prior to any operational works pre-lodgement request.

It should be noted that a number of Council officers from different branches or departments may be required to provide information for the meeting.  To enable Council officers to provide detailed, accurate advice, and to gain the most benefit from a pre-lodgement meeting, the following details are requested to be submitted to Council at least a week before the meeting:

  • - Proposal details, including proposal plans drawn to scale
  • - Proposed meeting discussion items/agenda.

Note: Pre-lodgement meetings are offered as a free service by the Development Planning Branch, and as such meeting minutes are not distributed following the pre-lodgement meeting.  However, you are welcome (and encouraged) to take your own meeting minutes.  Again, pre-lodgement meetings should not be substituted for independent professional advice or a comprehensive due diligence process.

We do not offer pre-lodgement meetings for the types of development listed below.  These types of development are treated as general planning and development enquiries, please refer to the FAQs in the first instance or contact us for further information.

  • Dwelling houses - including structures like auxiliary units, sheds, extensions and carports. Note: Heritage Adviser Service is available for heritage and character related queries)
  • Dual occupancies (includes Relatives Accommodation)
  • Minor Reconfiguring a lot applications, such as boundary realignments, one lot into two lots, one into three lots, etc.
  • Home-based businesses (for further information refer to this Fact Sheet)
  • Advertising Devices (other than Major Entry Community Signage)

Please be advised that the Planning and Regulatory Services Department have electronic facilities available in our meeting rooms such as computers and projectors with up to date aerial photography and information on services and constraints.  These facilities can be useful in presenting and analysing information in respect to development sites and development proposals.