Latest 10 Development Applications determined

10013/2018/MCUMaterial Change of Use - Recreation Use - Indoor Recreation (Dance School)

Address: 2/1505 Warrego Highway, BLACKSOIL QLD 4306

5131/2018/MCUMaterial Change of Use - Business Use (Farm Supply Store)

Address: 97 Lobb Street, CHURCHILL QLD 4305

1857/2019/ODCarrying out building work not associated with a material change of use – Carport Associated with an Auxiliary Unit

Address: 13 Larsen Street, LEICHHARDT QLD 4305

1246/2019/ODCarrying out Operational Works - Two (2) Advertising Structures

Address: 2 Kippen Close, SPRING MOUNTAIN QLD 4300

1015/2019/MCUMaterial Change of Use - Single Residential and Carport - in a Character Zone

Address: 15A Old Toowoomba Road, ONE MILE QLD 4305

1725/2019/RALReconfiguring a Lot - One (1) lot into Two (2) lots plus new road

Address: 18 Clay Street, IPSWICH QLD 4305

6732/2018/MCUMaterial Change of Use - Single Residential and Auxiliary Unit affected by a Development Constraint Overlay (Urban Catchment Flow Path)

Address: 5 Green Street, BOOVAL QLD 4304

8460/2018/MCUMaterial Change of Use – Single Residential and Auxiliary Unit affected by overland flow overlay

Address: 34 Bergin Street, BOOVAL QLD 4304

954/2019/RALReconfiguring a Lot - One (1) Lot into Two (2) Lots

Address: 20A Workshops Street, BRASSALL QLD 4305

10200/2018/OWRate 3 Streetlighting - Woodlinks Stage 15

Address: 7001 Collingwood Drive, COLLINGWOOD PARK QLD 4301