Latest 10 Development Applications determined

6187/2017/ODAdvertising Structures (Thirteen (13) Wall Signs, One (1) Pylon Sign, One (1) Awning Fascia Sign and Thirteen (13) Ground Signs)

Address: 3 Gateway Drive, AUGUSTINE HEIGHTS QLD 4300


Address: 440 Brisbane Terrace, REDBANK QLD 4301

5495/2017/MCUMaterial Change of Use - Special Industry (Extension - New Office Building)

Address: 1 Lock Way, RIVERVIEW QLD 4303

4192/2017/OWRoad works, Stormwater, Drainage works, Erosion and Sediment Control

Address: 30 Keidges Road, BELLBIRD PARK QLD 4300

3497/2017/OWExternal Drainage and Assocaited Earthworks - Rosehaven Estate Stage 8

Address: 47-53 Bassett Lane, ROSEWOOD QLD 4340

5191/2017/ODCarrying out building works not associated with a material change of use (demolition of 20% or less of a Schedule 2 listed building)

Address: 42B The Terrace, NORTH IPSWICH QLD 4305

5813/2017/ADPArea Development Plan to amend an Area Development Plan (to include Community Building, Indoor Entertainment, Indoor Recreation and Sport Complex in Orion Stage 2)

Address: 1 Main Street, SPRINGFIELD CENTRAL QLD 4300

7795/2004/MA/CPermissible Change

Address: 33-135 Caledonian Road, WALLOON QLD 4306

5027/2017/MCUMaterial Change of Use - Single Residential affected by a Development Constraints Overlay

Address: 86-114 Kraatzs Road, TALLEGALLA QLD 4340

7332/2017/OWRoad Work, Stormwater, Earthworks and Drainage Works

Address: 7001 Reedy Crescent, REDBANK PLAINS QLD 4301