10674/2019/CA - Wanless Recycling Park


Update 16 September 2021 - The development application was determined by Council at the ordinary meeting dated 16 September 2021.  To view the agenda and minutes associated with this meeting click here.


A development application for a new landfill and recycling centre in Ipswich will be the first to be referred to an Independent Decision Review Panel (IDRP) for public hearing, under an innovative process introduced by Ipswich City Council.

The development application was lodged by Wanless Recycling Park Pty Ltd and will be the subject of a public hearing on 19 August at Council’s administration building, 1 Nicholas Street.

Ipswich City Council Acting CEO Sonia Cooper believed the independent process was a first of its kind for Queensland councils.

“Council has successfully used the IDRP process on two previous occasions. For this application, we are taking it to the next level with our first public hearing on a sensitive development. This process ensures complete transparency, with an open and accountable procedure,” Ms Cooper said.

“The public hearing will be open to the applicants of the development application and members of the community who made a submission during the public notification period. They will be able to address the IDRP directly with their views on the application and Council’s recommendations.

“Council has selected two experts to assist in this matter, a town planner who will Chair the IDRP and a traffic engineer. Both are independent to Council.

“Once the Panel has made its independent recommendations, these go to full Council for consideration alongside those of Council planning officers for the final decision on the application.”

The IDRP was established by Council in 2019 to deal with sensitive development applications and to review recommendations made by Council planning officers.

There have been two instances where the IDRP has been convened, both for development applications which Council lodged to itself, which did not require a public hearing.

The development application lodged by Wanless received 60 submissions during the public notification period. The IDRP will consider the application, which consists of the following permits:

  • Reconfiguring a lot
  • Material Change of Use - special industry (waste transfer and resource recovery facility – includes waste recycling, reprocessing, storing, dismantling, baling, treating, screening, washing, crushing, grinding, milling, sizing or separating activities)
  • Material Change of Use - waste activity use involving landfill (combination of construction and demolition, commercial and industrial and putrescible waste)
  • Material Change of Use – waste activity use involving rehabilitating a mining void.

If current COVID restrictions are extended and do not allow for an in-person public hearing, Council will hold the hearing virtually. The hearing will also be live-streamed for the public on council’s YouTube page: https://www.youtube.com/user/IpswichCityCouncilTV

A fact sheet with the IDRP Procedure and Terms of Reference are provided here.