5636/2021/MCU - Child Care Centre - Arthur Summervilles Road, Karalee


Update 9 December 2021 - The development application was determined by Council at the ordinary meeting dated 9 December 2021.  To view the agenda and minutes associated with this meeting click here.


Following strong community feedback, a development application for a new childcare centre in Karalee will be reviewed by an Independent Decision Review Panel (IDRP) to improve community participation and transparency in the decision-making process.

As part of the process, a public hearing will be held with residents able to voice their concerns directly to the panel before it makes its recommendations ahead of a final decision by Council in December.

Griffith Group One Pty Ltd is seeking Ipswich City Council approval to build a new childcare centre across the road from the Karalee State School.

Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding said plans for the proposed centre have been referred to the independent panel after 280 properly made submissions were received from residents outlining concerns about the proposal.

“The IDRP was established by Council in 2019 to address sensitive development applications and review recommendations made by our planning officers. This ensures a transparent and comprehensive process, and creates an opportunity for community respondents to participate,”  Mayor Harding said.

“This application is only the second to be referred to a public hearing under the IDRP process, which will be held in person and via livestream on 14 October.

“I would certainly encourage anyone who has made a submission during the public notification period to address the panel directly with their views on the proposal.”

The development application was submitted to Council in March 2021 and was originally proposed for 116 children and 20 staff.

In response to matters raised by Council, the applicant amended the proposal to reduce the capacity of the centre to 100 children and 17 staff, reduce the building size to one storey and increase on-site car parking.

Division 4 Councillor Russell Milligan said Council had responded to the strong response received from the Karalee community by referring the application to the IDRP.

“Council has received 280 properly made submissions regarding this application, in addition to a petition signed by hundreds of members of the Karalee community.

“The IDRP hearing allows respondents to voice their concerns as part of the process, and hear directly from the applicants on the specific details of the proposal.

“Council will then balance the community’s concerns alongside the recommendations of both Council and independent technical officers to make its final decision,” Councillor Milligan said.

Division 4 Councillor Kate Kunzelmann acknowledged the community’s views on the application and welcomed the opportunity for residents to have their say during the assessment process.

“Both Councillor Milligan and I have actively engaged with the Karalee Community Association, residents and ratepayers to fully understand their concerns regarding this proposal.

“We will continue to encourage feedback from all sectors of the community, either directly or through the IDRP process, ahead of a final Council decision in November,” said Councillor Kunzelmann.

The IDRP will be responsible for reviewing all relevant development application material including Council officers’ initial recommendations, prior to a decision being made by Council.

Council has selected three experts who are independent, including a town planner, a traffic engineer and an economist, to chair the IDRP.

The public hearing will be recorded and live-streamed and will be available on Council’s Youtube channel to allow interested parties to view the proceedings.