About Us

Council's Planning and Regulatory Services (PRS) Department is the lead agency in the Ipswich City Council for:

  • managing growth and development in a socially, ecologically and economically sustainable way to meet the needs of the community;
  • ensuring the health, environment and safety of the city is protected and enhanced and enhanced through the utilisation of reasonable and appropriate compliance approaches.

The department’s core activities include:

  • Preparing and implementing statutory and non-statutory plans, strategies and policies to ensure integrated and sustainable development outcomes for the City as a whole and within specific local areas
  • Undertaking spatial analysis and modelling and preparing mapping and graphics to support the work of the department and ongoing development monitoring
  • Delivering the Ipswich Heritage Program
  • Maintaining an appropriate and efficient regulatory environment for development assessment and plan signing
  • Providing planning searches and certificates
  • The Safe School Parking Program
  • Delivering an immunisation program for Schools and through Community Clinics
  • Managing the contract for cemeteries and the pound
  • Maintaining an appropriate and efficient regulatory environment for community compliance through the reasonable application of Local Laws and legislation
  • Illegal Dumping and Littering campaign
  • Eat Safe Program
  • Online ALERT Food Safety Training
  • Licences, permits and registrations for food businesses, environmental activities, commercial use of roads, cat and dog registration, events and public swimming pools
  • Structure/development approval compliance management and enforcement
  • SEAL Pool Safety Program
  • Building Certification
  • Building and Plumbing permits and inspections

The PRS Department's activities are delivered through its four (4) branches:

  • City Design
  • Compliance
  • Development Planning
  • Engineering, Health and Environment

With the support of the Business Support section.

To view the current Planning and Regulatory Services Department structure please click here.