Customer Satisfaction Survey 2018

9th of August 2018

Ipswich City Council is commited to leading the way in planning best practce within SEQ.

With this in mind, we recently conducted our annual Customer Satisfaction Survey to gain an understanding of our customers’ views on their interactions with Council’s Development Planning Branch (DPB).

This is our third Customer Satisfaction Survey. After analysing our previous surveys we included a wider range of questions to allow us to better understand our customers’ needs. We contacted customers who interacted with the DPB in the past year and surveyed their views on staff knowledge and availability, application response times and satisfaction with their interactions. We also provided customers with an opportunity to provide qualitative feedback.

We are very pleased with the results we received. The results showed that our customers believe staff displayed a fair and objective approach, were timely in their responses, had a willingness to share information and demonstrated consistency in assessing applications.

A full summary of the survey results can be found on Pages 3-4.

As always, we value your feedback and are constantly looking for opportunities to improve the way we deliver services to our customers. Whilst our formal Customer Satisfaction Survey has now concluded, your continued feedback is always welcome and can be provided by contacting us via email: or phone (07) 3810 6888.