Updated Flood Measures Proposed

5th of November 2014

Updated Flood Measures Proposed

Permanent Flood Regulation Measures Proposed

Changes to the Ipswich Planning Scheme proposed by Council will update and further improve the interim flood regulation measures adopted following the 2011 floods and make them permanent.

Planning and Development Committee Chair, Councillor Paul Tully, said the move would bring certainty for property owners in flood prone areas imposing stronger controls to limit residential development.

"Immediately following the 2011 floods, Council moved swiftly to introduce a Temporary Local Planning Instrument (TLPI) that implemented guidelines for development that better managed the risks from future floods", Cr Tully said.

"Using the highest of the 1974, 2011 and modelled 1 in 100 flood level, any development proposed below this line automatically triggers greater design regulation that ensures adequate measures have been taken to minimise flood impact on property."

"It also limits residential development below the flood line. The approach adopted in the TLPI was endorsed by the Queensland Floods Commission ahead of a comprehensive flood study being prepared for the Brisbane and Bremer Rivers, which is currently expected to be finalised at the end of 2015."

"This TLPI has served the city well and will remain in effect during the amendment process. Following Ministerial approval, the proposed amendments to the planning scheme will be subject to community consultation prior to their formal adoption."