Universal Housing Design

4th of November 2016

Universal Housing Design

Council has confirmed its commitment to housing developments that are accessible by all residents and that foster a more inclusive city.

Planning and Development Committee Chair, Councillor Paul Tully said housing built utilising universal design principles was liveable for all residents regardless of their age or mobility.

"Queensland Action for Universal Housing Design (QAUHD) is an advocacy body that wrote to council in March asking us to support their campaign for the inclusion of universal access standards in the Building Code of Australia," Cr Tully said.

"Council has indicated that we are absolutely committed to that and also are supportive of QAUHD approaching both the state and commonwealth governments at the first appropriate opportunity.

Universal housing design means homes are practical and flexible and which meet the needs of people of differing ages and abilities. This supports people to stay within their communities over time. Over three quarters (77%) of Queenslanders live within a local government area that supports universal housing design.

"Council's decision makes it absolutely clear our strong commitment to development that supports the needs of all residents regardless of their age, mobility or disability," Cr Tully said.

"Universal housing design doesn't mean pokey homes. It means homes that are built with the entire lifespan of residents in mind."

"Council works very hard to support senior residents with disability or mobility difficulties including ensuring all council buildings are accessible and that local infrastructure is developed for every person's ability. By strongly indicating our support for universal housing design we are asking the development community to join us in building an inclusive Ipswich."