South Sea Islanders

7th of November 2014

South Sea Islanders

The Australian South Sea Islander (ASSI) 150 Project is a commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the first arrival of South Sea Islanders transported to Queensland along with later arrivals and the impact that had on them and Queensland.

Commemoration events and activities were held through South East Queensland in August 2013.

South Sea Islanders were employed at the following places in Ipswich:

  • Bell's Cotton Plantation on the Bundamba Creek (1867);
  • Ipswich Agricultural Reserve picking cotton for John Smith (1868);
  • Mr Lindsay's (1874);
  • William Dance's farm at Marburg;
  • Bremer Mills site at Bundamba operated by James Ivory;
  • George Challinor's Cotton Plantation;
  • J and G Harris' store in Ipswich; and
  • Woodlands at Marburg.

Information Sheets in relation to South Sea Islanders and their Ipswich connection can be found on Council's website.