Ripley Valley

7th of November 2014

Ripley Valley

One of the Queensland Government's statutory and land use planning reforms is to return responsibility for planning and development assessment to local government.

As of Monday, 30 September 2013, the Queensland Government will pass on the responsibility to assess and determine development applications within the Ripley Valley Priority Development Area (RVPDA) to Council.  This responsibility is authorised under delegation granted by the Minister for Economic Development Queensland to Council under the Economic Development Act 2012.

Council will have assessment responsibility for all new applications lodged in the RVPDA as of Monday 30 September 2013 and will accept handover for all existing RVPDA applications which are currently being assessed by Economic Development Queensland which are not in the Decision Stage pursuant to the Economic Development Act 2012.  Those applications in the decision stage as of today will be determined by Economic Development Queensland.

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