Quarterly Activity Report March 2017

8th of June 2017

Quarterly Activity Report March 2017

The quarterly activity report provides a snapshot of Planning and Development activities for the March Quarter 2017.

Council’s Planning and Development (P&D) Department is the lead agency in the Ipswich Community
for managing growth and development in order to create a socially, ecologically and economically
sustainable environment that:

  • Meets the community’s housing needs;
  • Integrates land use and transport needs;
  • Creates jobs and supports overall economic development;
  • Delivers appropriate infrastructure and community services;
  • Protects valuable features such as places of cultural heritage significance and important
    natural environment areas.

The department’s core activities include:

  • Preparing and implementing plans, strategies and policies to ensure integrated and
    sustainable development outcomes for the City as a whole and within specific local areas;
  • Identifying, protecting and promoting places of cultural heritage significance and
    streetscape value;
  • Identifying and protecting important natural environment areas through appropriate
    planning scheme mechanisms and development assessment processes;
  • Maintaining an appropriate and efficient regulatory environment for development
    assessment and building and plumbing compliance.

The P&D Department’s activities are delivered through its five (5) Branches:-

  • Strategic Planning;
  • Development Planning;
  • Engineering and Environment;
  • Building and Plumbing;
  • Business Support.

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