Public Art

5th of November 2014

Public Art

Council has adopted Implementation Guideline No. 31 – Public Art Provision by Major Developments effective from 9 December 2013.

Public Art has many community benefits including building civic pride and celebrating community values and diversity. Public Art also provides benefits to building owners by creating attractions and activating the usage of buildings and adjacent public areas.

The purpose of this guideline is to promote the provision of high quality Public Art across the City of Ipswich as part of major developments. Applicable major developments include major shopping centres, major commercial / office developments, major stadiums, performing arts complexes, hospitals, hotels, or mixed use developments that incorporate any of the above uses, with a GFA of 6,000m² or greater.

Major developments are required to provide within the development site, art work to the equivalent value of 1% of the construction cost of the completed development. Alternatively, in lieu of the provision of Public Art on the site, a payment of the equivalent amount may be made, where agreed by Council, for the provision of Public Art in the general vicinity of the development.

The guideline provides further information on matters such as siting and design and also set out the process to be followed to obtain Council approval for the art work.