Pool Safety Laws Protect Your Loved Ones

7th of November 2014

Pool Safety Laws Protect Your Loved Ones

Swimming pools are a fun way to cool down over summer and are popular with families, however, with drowning one of the leading causes of death for Queensland children under five, safe practices and preventative measures will help ensure your family's safety.

Supervising young children and teaching them to swim at a young age is one of the ways to prevent accidental drowning, as well as having an effective and compliant pool fence.

The Act's definition of swimming pools includes spa pools and spa baths continually filled with a water depth of more than 300 millimetres. When purchasing a swimming pool, whether it is an above ground or portable pool, owners should be mindful of their obligations to install a compliant pool fence.

Pool safety laws require pool owners to construct and maintain a compliant pool fence around their swimming pool, regardless of when the pool was installed. Under the current laws, pool owners have until 30 November 2015 to meet the current pool safety standard, or earlier if they sell or lease their property.

It is also the pool owners responsibility to register their pool on the Queensland Pool Safety Register which can be found at the Department of Housing and Public Works website.

Pool owners can engage a licensed private pool safety inspector, building certifier or contact Council to undertake a pool safety inspection.  For a copy of the Planning and Development Department fees and charges, click here.

For more information about pool safety laws, the Department of Housing and Public Works website or phone the Pool Safety Council on 1800 340 634.