National Trust

5th of November 2014

National Trust

Ipswich City Council was recently honoured by the National Trust at its Queensland Heritage Awards.

The awards promote high quality and inspirational heritage projects that are undertaken each year in the community. The Trust has been presenting its Queensland Heritage Awards since 1974.

Council was presented with a Gold Award for the Queens Park Audio Trail, Ipswich.

The Award was given for the preparation of an outstanding, professional, self-guided tour of Queens Park in Ipswich. With a range of ways to access, interesting information about the selected sites and free download, this project sets a high standard with regard to the application of technology to cultural heritage.

A Silver Award was received for the Ipswich Local History Scholarship.

The Award was given for the sponsorship and publication online of seven reports on tangible and intangible aspects of the history of Ipswich. The city's recent retailing history, the depiction of women, country music, Greek cafes, the Bremer River and Workshops dining hall and Second World War rationing have all been featured as part of this initiative.