Ipswich's Oldest Tree Protected

6th of November 2014

Ipswich's Oldest Tree Protected

A forest red gum located southeast of a bridge over the Western Creek connecting Hiddenvale Road and Gipps Street has been protected.

The tree is located between the Western Creek watercourse and the Gipps Street road reserve, Calvert.
The forest red gum is 36m in height with a circumference of 7.4m.
A resistograph test has indicated that the tree is approximately 463 years old (+/- 10 years) and therefore has been in existence since 1550 and predates European settlement in Australia.
The tree is the oldest known tree in Ipswich City and is the second largest known forest red gum in Australia, hence making the tree at Calvert exceptionally rare, uncommon and historically significant both locally and nationally.
In order to protect the future of this tree, Council has provisionally included it in its Schedule 2 - Character Places, Part 2 - Trees and Vegetation of the 2006 Ipswich Planning Scheme as a Heritage Place.