Honouring Our Heroes

7th of November 2014

Honouring Our Heroes

As a mark of respect for our Defence Force men and women, Council has named a road at Amberley 'Heroes Way'.

The section of Southern Amberley Road that extends from Ipswich-Rosewood Road to the main entrance of RAAF Base Amberley, has been named 'Heroes Way'.

Planning and Development Committee Chair, Councillor Paul Tully said Council considered it important to honour the role undertaken by members of the Australian Defence Force in overseas missions and the fact that they risked their lives to protect our way of life, often in very difficult conditions.

"We have a wonderful relationship with the Defence Force and wanted to officially acknowledge and thank them for their efforts."

The RAAF Base Amberley is the largest defence base in the southern hemisphere with almost 4,000 personnel.

Mayor Paul Pisasale said that members of the Australian Defence Force made important contributions that went far beyond their official duties.

"We are indebted to them and their families. On a day to day level, they are participants in our P&Cs, our sports organisations and our community groups."

"Through designating this section of road to be known as Heroes Way, we want to tell the world that they are our heroes, the ones who make this country strong," he said.