Heritage Award for Council

7th of November 2014

Heritage Award for Council

Council's heritage efforts have received another official recongition by the National Trust of Queensland.

Implementation Guideline No 26 - Adaptive Reuse of Character Places,Identified Places of Interest and Pre-1946 Buildings Located in Character Zones was awarded the Silver Governor's Heritage Award for Local Heritage Projects.

The new guideline was recognised as being ground breaking and a major positive for heritage and character places in Ipswich. The guideline supports the restoration and conservation of Ipswich's historic places by offering infrastructure contribution relief (based on the extent of community access and site visibility) and innovative car park solutions. The guideline also provides clarification on the range of suitable reuse options for character places based on the applicable zones.

Over 2 decades ago, Ipswich City Council introduced a landmark standard for Queensland with its much lauded heritage program with over 7,000 local properties now protected through its planning scheme.

Copies of the guideline can be accessed under Ipswich Planning Scheme website.