Congratulations Ross

5th of November 2014

Congratulations Ross

Ross was named at the "Citizen of the Year" for the role he has played since the 1970s with the Ipswich State Emergency Service (SES) Unit.

Mayor Paul Pisasale said it was wonderful to be able to recognise Ross as he was one of only two serving SES members who assisted Ipswich during the city's two big floods in both 1974 and 2011.

Ross has given 40 years of service to both the Ipswich SES Unit and Ipswich City Council.

"In addition to his involvement in the two major floods, he has seen many other milestones," Cr Pisasale said.

"Ross was instrumental in the initial set up of the Ipswich SES site, has tarped many a roof following storm damage and has participated in numerous search and rescue operations. This included being part of the headquarters team conducting a large scale land search involving more than 1,000 people for a missing bike rider."

"Ross has participated in many hair raising rescues on the Brisbane and Bremer Rivers."

Cr Pisasale said that in addition to his SES service, Ross has also worked for the local government for 40 years, starting at Moreton Shire Council in 1973 as a cashier.

"In 1983, Ross became part of the Ipswich City Council planning team and still holds a position in the same department today as a Senior Technical Support Officer."