4-5 Star Hotel Incentives

7th of November 2014

4-5 Star Hotel Incentives

High quality hotel accommodation is important in attracting events, corporate convention business and visitors to the City.

Recognising the benefits from the development of high quality hotel accommodation, Council has adopted Implementation Guideline No. 30 – Support for 4 to 5 STAR Quality Hotel Developments, which took effect on 18 November 2013.

The guideline aims to encourage the development of new 4 to 5 STAR quality hotel tourist accommodation through reducing costs associated with undertaking such development. Except in the Ripley Valley Priority Development Area which is administered through different planning arrangements, new hotel developments that satisfy the implementation guideline's criteria can apply for:

  • 50% relief for development planning and operational works application fees; and
  • 50% relief for Council trunk infrastructure contributions (this does not encompass Queensland Urban Utilities infrastructure charges).

To be eligible for the relief on fees and council trunk infrastructure contributions the proposed development must demonstrate a meritorious design outcome and be of a quality that is capable of achieving a 4 to 5 STAR tourist accommodation rating under the official Australian STAR Rating scheme. The development must also be operating within 30 months of the initial development approval (and 24 months from the Operational Works approval).

The Implementation Guideline will initially be in place for a period of 12 months, with Council to consider whether the guideline will be extended following a review.