Flood map information - historic flood events

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What does this service provide?

  1. This service provides general information on the 1974 and 2011 historical flood events within the Ipswich local government area only.
    1. The 1974 flood event was recorded to be generally of a larger magnitude than 2011.
    2. Due to changes in land use, the 1974 flood extent has been revised. The latest revision is based on 2009 contour information.
  2. The information comprises the following:
    1. Historical flood map – this is the approximate extent of the flood. It does not indicate whether or not any buildings within the extent were flooded; and
    2. Historical flood level – this is the approximate maximum flood level within the property being queried. For large properties in particular, this value may not be representative of flood levels at building locations due to factors such as the type of flooding and different topography across a large property area.

Important notes on the information

  1. Information on the 1974 flood event is not available for some properties.  This only reflects the unavailability of flood records, it does not infer the property was not affected.
  2. This information does not represent the highest probable or possible flood level that might affect the property.  A flood that is more severe than the 1974 or 2011 flood, either generally or in a local vicinity, can occur.  For instance, there have been other significant historic floods such as the 1893 flood.
  3. A property may be affected by other sources of flooding such as overland flow, the bursting of pipes or overflows from a natural or artificial lake or dam.  The flood information obtained through this website will not provide any information relating to these or similar potential sources of flooding.
  4. Flood information obtained through this website is determined from the information currently available to Council.  Some of this information has been collected by Council from external agencies and bodies.
  5. If the flood information obtained through this website shows that a particular property was unaffected or was affected to a particular extent by the 1974 or 2011 flood, this does not necessarily mean the same outcome if that flood was repeated now or at any time in the future.  The extent of flooding cannot be predicted precisely as many factors affect the flood levels.
  6. If the flood information obtained through this website shows that a particular property was affected by the 1974 or 2011 flood up to a particular level or point on the property, that inundation limit is indicative and approximate only.  It does not indicate whether or not any buildings within the property have been flooded.
  7. The copyright in the information available through this website is owned by or licensed to Council.  Council reserves all intellectual property rights in the information and does not confer any intellectual property rights on you or any other person by making the information available.

How the service should NOT be used

  1. The historic flood events information should NOT be used for:
    1. Development purposes – While the historical floods do inform Council’s Adopted Flood Regulation Line (AFRL) in some instances, reliance should not be placed on this information for development purposes. Reference should be made to the Council’s Planning Scheme; Council’s Planning and Regulatory Services Department and independent professional advice;
    2. Decision making which has financial or legal implications – Council recommends that appropriate professionals, such as surveyors and engineers, be consulted for specific advice before making such decisions; or
    3. Property valuation – advice should be sought from appropriate professionals.


  1. Council makes no warranty or representation regarding the accuracy or completeness of the flood information provided through the service. The use of the service is entirely at the risk of the user.
  2. Council accepts no responsibility for any error or inaccuracy which may result in you receiving flood information that relates to the wrong property.
  3. Council will not be liable or responsible on any basis (including negligence) for any expense, loss, damage, cost of liability (indirect or consequential loss) arising from the use (or misuse) of, or reliance on, the information from this service.

There are two search options available to obtain flood information relevant to a particular property in the Ipswich local government area.

The first option displays property specific flood information, where available.

The second option displays the flood maps for the 1974 and 2011 floods by locality.

Property specific flood report

This information may be obtained via the following options:

  • Suburb, street name and house number
  • Lot and Plan number

Map based search

Search for a high level property map showing flood extents for localities within Council boundaries.

Further information

You may obtain clarification on any aspect of the information provided by speaking with a Council officer by either:

  • Visiting the Ground Floor, 1 Nicholas Street, Ipswich, or
  • Contacting Ipswich City Council on (07) 3810 6666 or 1300 477 942

You may also apply for a detailed Flood Certificate for your property. These may be obtained in person on the Ground Floor, 1 Nicholas Street, Ipswich or online at:


Note: please note a fee applies for a Flood Certificate

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To access information, please click on the search button after completing all the fields.

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